Junction Eleven Christmas

We've created this special tree using coloured glowsticks twirling around a central studio stand 'tree'.

But what was created from photography and what was done in post-production?

As with all Junction Eleven Christmas card images, the concept starts with a studio stand.

In this case the photography team set up the stand with an Arri light representing the star at the top of the tree.

They then used red and green military-grade glowsticks, attached to lengths of fishing wire, and twirled them around the studio stand to create the 'body' of the tree. A long shutter speed of 30 seconds was used to capture the light trails - everything you can see in the first 3 images has been created by our photographers.

Use your mouse to pull the slider from right to left. The final standalone image shows the work done by our retouch team. They worked in the additional stars, altered the lighting and removed the electrical wire.

So, now we have explained everything, all that we're left to do is wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.