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2014: A review by Stuart Boote

15 Dec 2014

Image befre retouchingImage after retouchingPhotographed car with a bootful of CGI goodies for 'Fill your boots' ad campaignImage created using Photography, CGI and retouchingAlthough not used in the final image, CGI model cars were used to sign off photography angles with the clientFinancial Times advertisement for Jaguar CGI artistry provides a stunning backplate for an Aston Martin Vantage GT3 shotFrieze composed of supplied images. Retouched by Junction Eleven and finished within a CGI frame.

Head of CGI and car fanatic Stuart has had a mixed 2014, read more to see why...

When I am not in work you will mostly find me:

Being a Dad, climbing, driving, reading about cars, looking at cars, dreaming about cars... Mainly anything to do with cars!

The most shocking thing that happened to me this year was:

Swimming in the sea everyday on holiday in the UK this summer! The most annoying thing was finding a car transporter’s rear door impaling the hood of my car. The most exciting was getting a new car!

The J11 project that I am most proud of this year is:

All of them.


I know it sounds like a cop out, but the projects that we’ve had in through the doors this year have been many and varied. Everything from underwater vehicles to high end audio kit to hypercars! It’s the knowledge that every week will be different and pose new challenges that test my abilities to get the job done, looking great and have a happy client.

We’ve built a great team, workflow and momentum this year that looks set to carry over well into next year. I’m looking forward to a good break over the holidays and would like to wish all our clients a great Christmas and Happy New Year.

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