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Bridging two worlds

17 May 2017

Creative agency Mohawk came to us with a brief to convert individual 2D image assets of 3D generated character statues into a single 'frieze' style image

Re-refine, not recreate

Here at Junction Eleven we are proud of our complete image making offer, which enables us to provide unbiased advice on what image creation route is best, given budgets and feasibility and the creative vision.

When Mohawk first came to us they asked us to convert their existing assets into CGI images. However, our team came back with a retouching solution which would refine their existing assets, a much cheaper alternative than recreating virtual images which more than met their requirements.

Our talented retouchers produced a single 3D frieze strip that held together the existing 7 separate 2D images. The result made the individual assets look as though they had all been chiselled from one piece of stone with consistent colour tones.

Our CGI artists still got involved by supplying all of the modern chrome elements in the final image. The finished CG frame was designed to subtly reflect light and give a polished high-end look.

Bradstone | Junction Eleven

Paving the future for Bradstone

01 Sep 2017

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Summery imagery created in the studio and through retouching.

New Vision Express Summer Campaign

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