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CGI Breakfast Seminar

25 Oct 2013

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Unlocking the benefits of CGI.

What can CGI do for you?

Our heritage in shooting stunning photography is well proven. Now we're leading the digital imagery charge, producing photorealistic CGI images and animations for our clients that build on the quality and diversity of our current portfolio.

CGI is the fastest area of growth in digital imagery right now and offers unprecedented opportunities to expand your image portfolio to new horizons and connect people with your products in more welcome and fruitful ways.

The benefits of using CGI are both creative and practical, and our clients are reaping the benefits of using virtual images within their portfolio.

Dates and Details

We’re opening our doors on Friday the 29th November in London and Tuesday the 3rd and Tuesday the 10th of December in Banbury for practical breakfast seminars and are inviting you to come and take part to see what CGI can do for you.

In these unique sessions, Stuart Boote, our Head of CGI will provide insight into the opportunities and challenges involved in creating outstanding images for practically every device available.

The sessions feature hands-on demos and are relevant for people working in marketing, advertising, product development as well as designers and photographers.


Let us know your details and what date/s you're interested in and we can check availability and get back to you. Click here .

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