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Mapping the future for Yorkshire Water

27 Jul 2016

CGI | Yorkshire Water | Junction Eleven StudiosCGI for Yorkshire Water

Our latest piece of creative CGI work for Yorkshire Water saw us working with their R&D and innovation teams to sell a vision of business transformation.

Using CGI, we brought Yorkshire Water's vision to life

Our latest piece of creative CGI work with Yorkshire Water saw us working, alongside our group partner Cogent Elliott, with their R&D and innovation teams to sell a vision of business transformation from waste water treatment specialists to propagators of a circular economy in the region, making profitable use of the waste to support/fuel manufacturing processes and more. With a plan to deliver environmentally and economically advantageous new business models built upon their existing infrastructure, Yorkshire Water needed to translate the findings of its consultancy project and 200 page report in a way that would engage internal and external stakeholders across industry, government and consumer groups alike.

Using CGI, we brought the vision to life in this short animation . It has generated universal buy in and enthusiasm for this largescale project which will support and inject growth into many communities across Yorkshire.

Using their real factory as inspiration we created a version of the Thorntons Easter egg factory in CGI

Thorntons Ultimate Easter Factory

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Junction Eleven studios | Frem Matrix 6

Image creation for Frem's Matrix 6 collection

01 Jul 2016

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