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Bringing CGI into the home with NEW-ROOM

02 Sep 2016

NEW-ROOM, the latest offering from our CGI team, enables brands to build bespoke sets unique to their needs, eliminating the requirement for location houses, set builds and complicated storage solutions.

Cost savings, versatility and consistency

Shooting on location, an online flower retailer told us that it normally spends 50 shoot days a year in order for them to achieve an annual requirement of 600 shots (12 shots per day).

By adopting the NEW-ROOM concept, brands can achieve a fantastic alternative to this - providing them with cost savings, speed, agility, versatility, individuality, consistency and complete control of their image creations.

View our gallery to see the results of the NEW-ROOM CGI offering in practice.

New Room | Junction Eleven Studios


09 Aug 2016

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Junction Eleven studios | Frem Matrix 6

Image creation for Frem's Matrix 6 collection

01 Jul 2016

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