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Junction Eleven grows its CGI offer

11 Oct 2013

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Stuart Boote has recently joined Junction Eleven as Head of CGI

Junction Eleven has successfully integrated CGI into its conventional core photographic offering.

CGI if often perceived as a threat to photography, but often the virtual and photographic worlds can, and indeed should, co-exist to create the perfect versatile image.

Junction Eleven have sought to enhance our CGI offer to ensure we can offer our clients a complete image making package, whatever their requirements.

To help us build our CGI offer, we have recently been joined by Stuart Boote as head of CGI.

Stuart’s career has been spent at some of the best known CGI houses in the country.

Working on CGI projects for clients as diverse as Chewits, Sunseeker and Olay, Stuart brings a wealth of experience to Junction Eleven.

Stuart commented “What attracted me to Junction Eleven was their reputation for producing stunning photography. Combining this expertise with the almost limitless potential offered by CGI is a unique opportunity to create perfect photorealistic images that can take our clients products into new horizons of possibility.”