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Paving the future for Bradstone

01 Sep 2017

Bradstone is a leader in the supply of paving, walling, edging, decorative stone and driveway products and has been manufacturing in Britain for over 60 years.

Speed, convenience and cost savings

Working in partnership with Bradstone’s design agency - HROC, we incorporated effective CGI into their brochures and other key marketing materials.

Having been photographing their products on location for years, our client was keen to explore other image creation options that could be used to add another dimension to their visuals and also to complement their image library of location photography. With limited availability of new products, CGI was an invaluable tool in this instance as it offered the opportunity to create stunningly realistic garden sets for brand new products, without the need for the large quantities of product required to lay ‘real’ patio sets.

The flexibility of being able to develop any style of furniture, and to have access to myriad plants and props, gave huge scope for HROC’s design team to create some spectacular gardens that may not have been viable in a location setting - and the fact that the process wasn’t weather dependant was also an added bonus!

Combining our expertise in photography, CGI and retouching, we built, lit, textured and propped a Master 3D Bradstone House which could then be used to create photorealistic renders of single lifestyle shots and further detailed close ups of Bradstone’s new porcelain tile paving range. Creating a cost effective and fast alternative to the full field location set builds (that were also part of Bradstone’s 2017 photographic project) they’d undertaken previously.

Not only was the client thrilled with the results, but the virtual property can now be reconfigured and restyled to create further add-on renders and product variations, giving Bradstone flexibility and confidence going forward with future projects.

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