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Chivas: live with chivalry

21 Sep 2015

Imagery shot on location in high-end bars for a campaign targeting G.En.T.s (Generous Entrepreneurial Thinkers)Campaign imagery for the 'live with chivalry' ad campaign

High-end concept location shoots for Chivas' latest campaign which targets G.En.Ts (Generous Entrepreneurial Thinkers)

Quality photography for a stylish audience

Chivas briefed us on creating two images for their forthcoming advertising campaign re-launching the Chivas Regal 12 product. Their target audience are known as G.EnTs and are defined by their hard-working and optimistic attitude as well as their propensity to choose labels for their quality and craftsmanship.

We worked with our sister company, advertising agency Cogent Elliott, to create the look and feel for the concepts. As we were speaking to such a fastidious audience we had to pay careful attention to production values. Our team sourced two different bar locations that gave either a 'high-energy' or a 'low-energy' feel as well as models who would appeal to the Asian markets.

We shot talent both here in the studios and on location, our CGI team got involved creating some elements of the dramatic backgrounds before everything was handed over to our retouching team who created a visual finish to the work that accentuated the quality of the product.

The client was delighted with the finished product and were keen to use the visuals as soon as possible for the campaign launch.

The Bremont 'Chivalry'. The overall design is classically stylish and the back encapsulates a genuine piece of oak cask.

Chivas and Bremont – made for gentlemen

28 Oct 2014

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