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A CGI Collaboration for Crunch Communications

03 Aug 2016

Shell and Hyundai have been partners since 2005. Working closely together in more than 70 markets around the world, in 2014 Shell entered into a three-year deal with Hyundai Motorsport to become the Title Sponsor and Technical Partner of the Hyundai Shell World Rally Team, competing in all rounds of the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC).

Combining photography, CGI and retouching

In December 2015, Hyundai Motorsport launched its latest WRC challenger, the New Generation Hyundai i20 WRC, which is currently competing in every rally of the 2016 season.

Shell’s creative partner, Crunch Communications, briefed Junction Eleven to generate a series of key visuals to be used within brand and digital content across global markets.

As the rally vehicle was so new, it was embargoed and being used in testing at locations all over the world. This meant that we needed to create the car using CGI rather than bringing it in for days of photography to shoot the required assets.

The client supplied a series of test shots that we used as references for us to model our own 3D version of the car from.

Once the model was signed off, we set about creating materials to represent the real world elements, such as rubber tyres, alloys wheels, glass windscreen etc. The body panels were wrapped in a decal and logo leaden texture that allowed for alterations to position and colour of those graphic elements.

The 3D vehicle asset was then ready to be integrated into the ‘real world’ photographic black plates and HDRI (a 360 photographic capture of the environment, its lighting and reflective content that helped make the car look as if it belongs in the environment) that we shot at a sourced location house in Cheshire

Finally, we matched the camera position and lens from the location shots and rebuilt a virtual version. With the lighting & reflections matched to the real-world scene we rendered the virtual car into the scene and retouched the image to give that final finesse.

This was a great collaboration project for photography, CGI & retouch - combining our skills to produce a collection of assets, un-achievable in any other way.

The image went down so well with the client that we also got the opportunity to shoot the drivers and the car itself at Hyundai Motorsport’s HQ Alzenau, Germany.

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