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FA Cup Semi-Finals

Our photography on the front cover of the Liverpool v Aston Villa FA cup semi-final programmeReading vs Arsenal image used inside the programme to promote a competitionLocation photography for the 2015 FA Cup Semi FinalLocation photography for the 2015 FA Cup Semi FinalStage one of compositing the final image - detail from an empty stadiumStage 2 of the composited final image - adding elements from around the stadiumStages of compositing the image - including the famous Wembley arch, sky and detail from the players' tunnelThe final stages of compositing the image - including the 'players' (who in this instance were models employed for the shoot by our production team!)

Stunning new imagery for the FA in readiness for the 2015 semi-cup finals

The FA came to us with an overall brief to change their existing imagery style.

We worked with our sister agency, IMO , to develop a concept for shooting on location at Wembley to create 2 images that could be used for both semi-finals.

Our photographers had to visit on separate occasions to build the components for the images. Shooting a crowd scene from another game and each 'team' in their kits to compile the image.

The images could only be shot once the quarter finals were over and so our produciton teams worked with the client soucing all kit and signing off on the models.

The finished images were used throughout the stadium on match day and on the front cover of the programmes.

The Junction Eleven team (comprising Villa, Liverpool and Arsenal supporters) were also able to go to the games and see the imagery in situ. They weren't all happy with the result of the games, but were all pleased with the results of their work!

Location photography taken in and around the Glenlivet distillery in Scotland

Location expertise

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Ali Bulley | Junction Eleven Studios

What Inspires Me: Ali Bulley

13 Jul 2015

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