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Image creation for Frem's Matrix 6 collection

01 Jul 2016

As part of this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week, Frem launched the Matrix 6 collection, their latest innovation in office technology. A collaboration between Frem, prominent psychologist Dr Craig Knight and award-winning designer Rock Galpin, the Matrix 6 collection is a flexible range of soft seating with innovative embedded technology, using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, acoustic and visual control so that each employee can create a personalised workspace.

Complete image making service using CGI and rendering expertise

Junction Eleven studios is delighted to have supported the launch by creating a series of computer generated product images to increase awareness the company's modern, fresh outlook. Creating the hero image for the launch campaign, as well as the accompanying press ad, Junction Eleven also rendered a number of single product images and configuration shots to be used in brochures and on the brands new website.

See the final results of this exciting design project in our gallery.