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A Jamboree of Jaguars

01 Sep 2017

CGI backgrounds with shadowFinished close upFinancial Times advertisement for Jaguar Although not used in the final image, CGI model cars were used to sign off photography angles with the clientFinished ad in printThe image was updated to include the blue Jaguar XE once its launch embargo had been lifted. This was shot separately and angle matched to ensure it could be included into the picture.

Three Jaguars were photographed in our studios and then blended into a virtual CG environment to complete the image.

Cost efficiencies of CGI

We were briefed by Jaguar's Marketing agency, EMO, to produce images for their forthcoming B2B advertising campaigns.

The briefs that we were originally given were for a location shoot, but once we investigated the logistics involved, we proposed a CGI solution was utilised.

Rather than closing off flyovers, taking over empty car parks and damping down entire sections of road, we created complete virtual environments which the photographed cars would then be added into.

This also ensured that we gave the client complete creative control within their budget, producing spectacular results.

“The combination of studio photography and CGI, that Junction Eleven recommended, enabled us to bring our creative concept alive and capture the cars from a dynamic elevated viewpoint” commented Matt Dunnakey, Fleet & Business Marketing Manager for Jaguar.

“The final execution showcases the full range of fleet vehicles available at Jaguar and, without a doubt, visually reinforced our campaign headline - The best thing about working late? The drive home .”

Junction Eleven's Head of CGI, Stuart Boote, commented "This project is a great example of where CGI can work brilliantly. We saved the client unnecessary cost and stress by producing a CG environment that matched their expectations perfectly.

"My team worked with our photographers throughout the project to ensure the lighting environment and atmosphere that was captured in the studio was portrayed in the finished scene."

Computer Generated Image of their new 'Statement' product

Computer Generated Images of Naim Audio's 'Statement'

01 Sep 2017

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