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CGI images for London Taxi Company

Visual using a darker lighting style with a hint of the interior showing. All created using a CGI model built by our CG artists.Rear shot of the TX4 virtual model created by our CG teamSide on visual that demonstrates similar lighting techniques that would be used in a studio automotive shoot as in a virtual studioClassic three quarter image of the virtual modelCG Taxi image in stylistic London skylineVisual that shows the CG 'chalk' model with the finished imageThis image shows the virtual lighting set up in the artist's CGI software Visual used on the company website that demonstrates the global appeal of the iconic black cabFinished DM piece showing the completed image in situFinished advertisement showing the finished image in situ

Our CG artists have created a resuable asset for the iconic Taxi manufacturer

Team collaborate to produce a suite of imagery from a single computer generated asset.

Junction Eleven's CG artists, retouchers, photographers and designers have all collaborated on a project for the London Taxi Company to promote the new TX4 model.

Using multiple sets of existing CAD files and reference shots taken on a tour of the factory, the team were able to create a detailed computer generated virtual model of the vehicle.

Using this single model the team have been able to create a series of pictures from different angles for use on the London Taxi Company's website.

Our photographers were on hand to advise on the most suitable automotive lighting techniques which the CG artists could use in their virtual studio to highlight the features of the TX4.

All images passed through our talented retouching team to create a suite of highly polished, finished images.

Our designers then conceptualised the skyline imagery for use on the London Taxi Company's website to highlight the expanding global marketplace that the iconic taxis are sold into.

Computer Generated Image of their new 'Statement' product

Computer Generated Images of Naim Audio's 'Statement'

01 Sep 2017

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