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CGI artistry provides a stunning backplate for an Aston Martin Vantage GT3 shotDriver Portraits - Aston Martin Racing TeamJRM RacingDriver Portrait - Darren TurnerPhotographed in one of our large infinity covesExterior shot of the Noble M600 photographed in one of our large covesStudio shootImage after retouchingThe auction house brought this entire fleet of vintage cars with transporter into the studiosThe very beautiful e-type

Look your best for the start of the season

Feel the passion

Racing cars come to life when they’re on the track – the colours, the speed and the atmosphere all work together to create truly dynamic imagery.

Create the mood

For detailed and promotional shots in the studio, the mood changes completely. Here, the style, the design and the technology are all captured. In close detail.

Purpose built facilities

Our studios are designed around the needs of complex and secure automotive shoots. As such, on door security can be arranged and cars can be off-loaded directly in our infinity coves, with complete embargo protocol adhered to.

Take a virtual tour of our studios here .

Making the impossible, possible

When the car cannot be brought into the studios, (just speak to our photographer about when a very high profile car was booked in for a shoot only to be crashed in a test race in Barcelona!), then our CGI team are on standby to create stunning photorealistic images. Making the impossible, possible with complete engine breakdowns, 360 spins and configurators.

Watch the YouTube film above to see how our CGI team contructed the Williams F1 car - complete with driver - in a completely virtual world.

Get in touch

Email us to discuss any of your needs. Any motorsport bookings taken will benefit from 20% discount on all booking hire rates before 1st April 2014.

Overhead studio shot

Automotive expertise

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The iconic Land Rover Defender

Land Rover - client case study

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