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09 Aug 2016

New Room | Junction Eleven StudiosNEW-ROOM | Junction Eleven StudiosCGI Junction Eleven StudiosCGI Junction Eleven Studios

Our Head of CGI, Stuart Boote, discusses how NEW-ROOM and the use of CGI could help to build your business.

Improvements in technology mean that rendered images can now be indistinguishable from photographs.

Using CG images also brings additional benefits in terms of speed, convenience and cost savings.

A brand new offer from our CGI team, NEW-ROOM builds on this new method of image creation for the homewares and interiors sector.

Our virtual room sets can offer many practical advantages over physically building studio sets or using location houses. For example, there are no requirements for physical storage or build days, the sets can be reused at any time without the danger of wear and tear and importantly your set design is unique to your brand only!

Your products and/or talent can then be photographed and blended within the set to create the perfect image. Furthermore, CGI also offers the opportunity to create products in 3D that aren't yet available to shoot, or that may be difficult to transport.

Bringing CGI into the home | Junction Eleven Studios

Bringing CGI into the home with NEW-ROOM

02 Sep 2016

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Junction Eleven studios | Frem Matrix 6

Image creation for Frem's Matrix 6 collection

01 Jul 2016

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