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Developing 3D for the future

19 Apr 2017

Stuart Boote, our Head of CGI, visited Develop 3D Live at Warwick Uni where they showcased a collection of latest technologies and had fantastic speakers giving talks on design and engineering product development.

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With so many speakers and various rooms and theatres it made it difficult to choose what you went to see.

The day started with Dustin Brown from Microsoft giving a fantastic insight into the design process and showcasing the capability of what a few of the great CGI artists can create. He wowed us with superb design visuals that he’d produced throughout his career as an Industrial designer culminating in the more recent images and animations he produced for the Hololens. They did what all great images should do for design, show form and function but with great style class.

The rest of the day followed more of the same great theme. Presentations from Unreal game engine giving insights into where and how their product is used in the design process, some great visuals where shown from their work with McLaren. JCB showed a full design process and were transparent about their failures and how they overcame them to re-design a new product for 21st century demands.

Other notable highlights were Chaos group with their ever growing portfolio of rendering software, one which we invest in too as it really does offer so much quality. Porsche AG gave a very frank and open demonstration about the power of GPU’s in rendering which is something we’ve taken on board here. Andre Matos was fortunate enough to have 8 of the latest Nvidia cards to assist in his rendering pipeline which in some case meant producing images that were 15x faster and some up to 30x faster.

A great show and one I’ll be sure to put in the calendar for next year.

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