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Our creativity must keep pace with VR technology

27 Jul 2016

Stuart Boote, our Head of CGI, discusses advancing VR technologies and how it is vital to have the creativity to match.

What's next in VR?

Tech radar… there has been a lot of hype and chat going on about VR over the past year or so. Everyone is still exploring the solutions and how it can be best used to meet client needs or provide something new and tangible. The consensus seems to be that it’s here to stay in one form or another, with new headsets being released all the time and the promise of better specs and viewing experiences we just need to make sure the content fulfils the promise. Something that is a little way off coming to the market but looks really exciting is Mixed Reality, currently the term pushed by Magic Leap and the very cool ILM xLABS .

I want one…. The Mill’s Blackbird concept for CGI automotive commercials helps to bridge the gap and make a leap for the best combination of the virtual world and reality. It must have cost a small fortune to develop though!

Whatever is going to appear over the rest of the year and into early 2017 it will be sure to continue pushing the boundaries of both hardware and software, we just need to make sure our creativity can keep pace.

Daniel du Cros | Junction Eleven studios

What inspires me: Daniel du Cros

26 Jul 2016

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