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2013 Highlights - Photography Exhibition

28 Nov 2013

Setting up the exhibition spaceFundraising raffle prizes for exhibition partners PhotoVoiceAs the exhibition was held n Thanksgiving we lit the room in red, white and blueCGI and retouching demonstrations

In conjunction with photographic charity, PhotoVoice, we held a photography exhibition in London's Covent Garden.

Celebrate and give thanks to what great photography can achieve

This time lapse film shows us preparing for, setting up and enjoying the evening's activities.

The exhibition was held to show the great range of commercial photography that Junction Eleven had been commissioned for including work for the recently published Bentley brand book, retouched honey beer for the Warwickshire brewing company and all our latest work for Jaguar Land Rover.

PhotoVoice exhibited photography from their recent participatory photography project in Israel.

Money was raised through a raffle with prizes donated by Junction Eleven clients at Aston Martin, Old Spitalfields Market and Beefeater.

Nail polish with perfectly executed drips.

2013 Highlights - New Clients

13 Dec 2013

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2013 highlights - photography on location

2013 Highlights - Location Photography

10 Dec 2013

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