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The 5 key benefits of CGI that everyone should know

09 Jan 2015

Educational breakfast seminars in London and Banbury

Find out what CGI is and what can it do for you.

The benefits of using CGI are both creative and practical which is why CGI is the fastest area of growth in digital imagery right now.

Many of our clients are already reaping the benefits of using virtual images within their portfolio.

We’re running several practical breakfast seminars throughout the year and are inviting you to come and take part to see what CGI can do for you.

In these unique sessions, Stuart Boote, our Head of CGI will go through the top 5 benefits that CGI can bring, including showcasing key aspects of a product’s functionality to breathing life into something that hasn’t even been built yet.

The free sessions feature hands-on demos and are relevant for people working in marketing, advertising and product development, as well as designers and photographers.

We run several events during the year, find out more and register your interest on our event survey page here .

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15 Dec 2014

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