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What Inspires Me: Richard Horne

24 Sep 2014

CG Image of the 'Statement' - the pinnacle of Naim's engineering knowledge and artistry.CG images of Naim's 'Statement' were prepared for the product launch at the CES trade show in Las VegasComputer Generated Image of their new 'Statement' productWire frame head shot

Junction Eleven is home to photographers, studio assistants, producers and artists. A diverse bunch. But what’s it like to work in a virtual world, where nothing is impossible? We find out when we meet CGI artist, Rich.

What’s your background? How did you train for this job?

I first became interested in 3D modelling and CGI when I studied video game design at college. I found the 3D design aspect of video games very intriguing and expressive, the idea of anything being possible and the sense of achievement after creating something from nothing was very addictive.

After college I continued my study of 3D and CGI at university where I developed my skills further. For the following three years I worked as a CGI Generalist at Cogent Elliott, then transferred to Junction Eleven as a 3D Artist.

What inspired you? What made you want to work in CGI?

I think my main source of inspiration would be animated films and video games. As I began to dabble into 3D I developed a high appreciation for these industries. I came to realise how talented people are who work in these areas and highly regarded their skills.

What’s happening in CGI now that will change how you work?

The main thing happening that will change CGI will be 3D scanning and printing. I feel that due to the new and evolving capability of 3D printing many different industries will realise its potential. I also feel that 3D scanning technology allows 3D artists to re-create anything in high detail without needing to spend days or even weeks manually building.

An example of well executed scanning and modelling is this stunning game trailer for ‘Cyberpunk 2077’

What has been done in CGI recently that is impressive?

A recent trailer of UBISOFTS Assassin’s creed unity by DIGIC PICTURES is extremely impressive in all aspects of CGI and I feel that it doesn’t require any prior interest in video games or CGI to appreciate its beauty, definitely worth a watch.

What would you like to learn to do?

I’d love to learn how to skydive with a squirrel suit.

How do you relax?

I enjoy tinkering with my PC and my cars in my spare time as well as indulging in my obsession with internet computer gaming.

What work have Junction Eleven done that you’re particularly proud of?

As a big music fan I really enjoyed working on Naim Audio. We were given a lot of freedom and I’m very pleased with the results, plus we had a sound system to play with while working on it ;).

What are you working on now?

I’m currently creating a detailed wrist watch 3D model to be used and animated with augmented reality software.