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Thorntons Ultimate Easter Factory

The original drawing done by the illustrator which the team turned into CGI reality.Some of the individual elements that can be seen in the final CGIThe beginning of the CGI factoryThe CGI chalk, the team can now start to add colour and texture. The factory is starting to come together.Using their real factory as inspiration we created a version of the Thorntons Easter egg factory in CGI

Thorntons has rolled out its most substantial Easter-related digital content, featuring a gamified, interactive chocolate factory created by our CGI team here at Junction Eleven.

Bringing the factory to life

The factory gives consumers a look into Thorntons’ extensive egg production process which was conceived in response to customers asking about the factory and how the eggs are made. Created in the ilk of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, CGI enabled us to create a simulated Thorntons world which still feels real.

The team got to work after receiving the illustrators vision of the factory by creating a ‘clay’ mock-up of the factory to gauge scale and proportion. Once completed, the clay model was then given all the feature details and textures to make it appear real. The CGI team then used a virtual lighting rig to give realistic lighting which enabled them to add shading to define the material finishes and colours.

This completed the factory setting but we knew there was something missing, people, no point in having a factory if there aren’t any people to work in it! So we created characters to add to the factory and some fun facts about the things they do every day.

The whole factory was then animated by web developers, who ensured that the whole factory was timed to perfection and runs seamlessly.

Stuart Boote, our Head of CGI, said “Even from early discussions, I was excited about the possibilities; and the further we developed the ideas, it really began to come to life! There were many tough challenges along the way but even modelling pipes and countless bolts was still fun at 10 o’clock at night! We hope everyone enjoys using it as much as us.”

Two Easter bunnies created by our CGI team

CGI Easter Bunnies

23 Mar 2016

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