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What inspires me: Caroline Harding

25 Mar 2015

Photography and Design for their Christmas brochureChrismas brochure imageSuperfan Caroline Harding met with F1 champion Lewis Hamilton when he was in the studios for a series of film and photo shoots.Chivas 12

We talk to Caroline, our Senior Client Services Manager, about life 'behind the scenes' and discover who she met recently that made that great smile on her face even bigger than normal

What did you do before coming to Junction Eleven?

Before joining Junction Eleven in October 2011, I worked for in an advertising agency for 11 years where I started as a Production Manager working on MG Rover. By the time I left I was a Senior Project Manager working on Land Rover Accessories. Prior to that I worked for the direct selling company Betterware and before that at a Repro house and also for the holiday company that was Horizon Holidays.

What work have Junction Eleven done that you’re particularly proud of?

The piece of work that I am particularly proud of was when I managed the Berry Brothers 48 page Christmas brochure which showcased a magnificent array of Christmas drinking wines and gift ideas

This project called upon all of my production and project management experience which included taking the initial brief from the clients, coordinating the design, arranging the studio photography shoot and overseeing the artwork through to print which included attending the press pass on behalf of the client.

What or who inspires you?

What inspires me….. Lewis Hamilton’s determination and hard work ethic … It’s not just because I had the immense pleasure in meeting him at our studio whilst he was on a photoshoot. Apart from him being a genuinely nice guy, who was more than generous with his time, what he has achieved and at such a young age is amazing. Pure dedication and hard work have got him where he is today and I like to think that my work ethic will put me in good stead to deliver a top quality service to my clients .

What are you working on now?

What is currently taking 90% of my time is a large photographic project for Chivas Brothers - Pernod Ricard. The product is heavily embargoed at the moment, but what I can share with you is that we have been tasked with producing two highly stylised images with talent for a global marketing campaign which will be kicking off in Asia. The images involve both studio and location photography as well as some CGI elements.

How do you relax?

Taking nice long walks and spending time with my family and friends. I’m also quite partial to a bit of karaoke too!

What would you like to learn to do?

I would love learn Latin American dancing, especially the Salsa, but can’t find a willing partner – anyone up for a challenge?

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