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What inspires me: Casey Hennessy

11 Oct 2016

We speak to Director Casey Hennessy about the inspiration behind her work and the highlights of her year so far.

Handstand competitions with Romain Grosjean, graphic design and British Cycling

What brought you to work here?

I’d just graduated from Falmouth University that summer and the agency was local to me. I thought I’d drop my CV off in person but by sheer luck (and talent of course!) I had an interview on the spot with the Creative Director. It just so happened I ‘conveniently’ had my portfolio lying in the boot of my car that helped me land a placement. It’s been six years since.

What’s your experience/background?

My background is actually Graphic Design but I’ve always had an interest in filmmaking ever since I used to make awful skateboarding films growing up with my friends. Back then I was using a mini DV camera and iMovie which actually sounds quite modern seeing as the people I look up to probably shot on super8!

Anyway, I thought I’d get a degree in something a bit more realistic (read something I could make a living off) so I studied Design at Uni. In my final year I got more of a taste for advertising. I found it more challenging trying to solve a brief as opposed to designing things that just looked pretty. That’s what led me to my first job working as an Art Director.

Fast forward a couple of years and I got back into making my own films and entering them into competitions. It just became a natural transition into the film department from then on.

What’s the most exciting/interesting/unusual shoot you’ve worked on?

Working with F1 driver Romain Grosjean at Warner Bros Studios was pretty fun. He had flown straight from his race in Russia where he’d had a rather nasty collision so I was expecting the shoot to be pretty tiring for him. Surprisingly he had plenty of energy and I even ended up having a handstand competition with him!

What has been your highlight of the year?

This year has been really exciting for new clients. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with British Cycling and their Breeze initiative helping to get more women into cycling. It makes my day when I get to work with lovely people on something I care about.

What/who inspires you?

Music. Art. The unfathomable beauty of Mother Nature. Fashion. Film. Books. Spike Jonze. Dougal Wilson. Lena Dunham. Wes Anderson. Mark Gonzales. Positivity. Kindness. Love.

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