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What inspires me: Daniel du Cros

26 Jul 2016

We speak to our photographer Daniel du Cros about the motivation behind his work.

Starting out as a photographic assistant, automotive shoots and an investment in Volkwagen classics.

What brought you to Junction Eleven?

I actually did work experience at Junction Eleven whilst I was at Solihull College studying photography. I spent a week with photographer Ed Lee on a Land Rover shoot, and learnt a lot during that time! I was leaning more towards automotive photography by the time I was nearing the end of my course, so a large portion of my end of year show was dedicated to that subject. It was on display at the Focus On Imaging show (now called The Photography Show) at the NEC, at the Solihull College stand. As it happens, some members of Junction Eleven liked my work, and as the then-current photographic assistant was leaving, they contacted Solihull College and offered me a job.

What’s your experience/background?

I started out at J11 as a photographic assistant, and was in that role for around 4-5 years until I was promoted up to photographer. Outside of J11 I spent my earlier years shooting promotional material for various music bands and solo artists, including live events. Over the last few years I’ve been shooting more automotive editorial work for magazines.

What’s the most exciting/interesting/unusual shoot you’ve worked on?

I was part of a shoot a few years ago for Samuel Health, which involved capturing different shapes of water and ink thrown through the air, which was then incorporated into a flowing dress that a female model would be wearing. It was good fun coming up with different ways in which we could ‘shape’ the water as it fell through the air, and much of my day was spent looping the studio with a mop and bucket!

What has been your highlight of the year?

Flying over to Germany to shoot the Hyundai World Rally team has been a personal highlight this year so far. As a big fan of the WRC since I was young, it was a fantastic opportunity to meet some of the current heroes of the sport, and see the Hyundai Motorsport facility up close.

What/who inspires you?

I’m always browsing creative websites like Behance, and I’ve got a list of photographers and digital artists that I’ve been following for a long time. I still keep in touch with other photographers from around the world that I’ve known since my earlier days, and it’s great to see how they’re evolving and adapting to the ever changing industry that we’re a part of.

What keeps you busy outside of work?

Keeping my Volkswagen camper on the road! I’m invested quite heavily into the Volkswagen classic car scene, and I love nothing more than loading up the camper with the wife and dog and heading out for a weekend away.


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