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What inspires me: Robert Duncombe

06 Jul 2017

We speak to our new Studio Assistant Robert Dunscombe about why he wanted to work at Junction Eleven and his plans for the future.

What brought you to Junction Eleven?

I have always had a huge interest in photography and the world of media. After a success in my A-Levels, I knew photography and media was the environment I wanted to pursue a career in. I had already found out about Junction Eleven when I was looking for work experience and when I saw the position advertised, I felt this was an opportunity I could not miss! I hope to work my way up through Junction Eleven to become a Photographer’s Assistant and possibly one day a Photographer.

What’s your experience/background?

After developing an interest for photography during my school career, I decided to take it as an A-Level option alongside other creative subjects including Theatre Studies, Media Design & Technology and an Extended Project Qualification, which I made a photography based project. While studying for my A-Levels I spent a large amount of time outside of school expanding my photographic knowledge and learning as much as I could. I often spent my time shooting events including Birthday Parties, Balls & Proms and Concerts. I have had my work appearing in local newspapers a number of times with one example being an image of the recent solar eclipse. Through my A-Level photography I was able to expand my knowledge. I worked on a project I titled “How Photography has changed over time”. During this project I worked on a range of photographic process from pinhole cameras and camera obscura right through to digital and modern day photography. I explored as many processes as I could, trying each and every one out myself. I also looked into the way photography has changed and will continue to change with modern technology and mobile devices. This expanded my knowledge and the more I learnt, the more I wanted to learn again and find out even more.

What/who inspires you?

One of the things which inspire me the most is the work I see by professional photographers. Often when I see a piece of work I like, it encourages me to go out and create my own work to the best of my ability. Member of Magnum Photos, Henri Cartier-Bresson said “your first 10,000 photographs are your worst”. I feel this statement is true and this makes me want to push as hard as I can to learn from the people around me to keep improving my photography skills and me as a person.

What keeps you busy outside of work?

Outside of work I take every opportunity I can to go to the theatre. I have recently seen performances of Les Misérables and 42nd Street in the West End, both two different, but clever musicals. If I am not at the theatre I can often be seen with my camera taking photographs. I shoot with both a Digital SLR and also a 35mm Film camera and Polaroid. For more unusual birds-eye shots I will use my DJI drone! Alongside my photography, I spend a large amount of time creating my own picture frames and mounts from scratch. I really enjoy working with my own work and also work people have asked me to frame to decide on woods, mount colours and display ideas to turn work into a final piece of artwork. I also have a farming background and spend much of my time working on a collection of vintage tractors with my Dad. I enjoy helping out on the local farms and driving tractors whenever I get the chance to.